4 1/2 wk old puppies

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4 1/2 wk old puppies

Post  Spiritwind82 on Wed Oct 15, 2008 5:00 am

Just wanted to share the most recent pictures of my now 4 1/2 wk old Collie puppies...


Littele Sable Girl and Large Sable girl

Large Sable Girl

Blue Merle Girl #1

Little Sable Girl

Blue Merle Girl #2

Sable Boy

And the last couple pictures... over the last few weeks I've been reading up on raw diets, joined some e-mail lists, and talked to some breeders who do raw feeding and wean puppies to raw.. so I finally decided to give it a try and follow what the breeders I've been talking to suggested.. and wean these guys onto a raw diet.... so I am starting to slowly switch dogs over to prey model raw diet. Starting with their mother (paris) as well as Kelsey.. and then weaning the pups on raw. Once I am able to buy larger amounts of meat all at once, I will switch everyone else over... hopefully in the next few weeks...

So here are a couple pictures of the puppies taken yesterday, with their first bone-in chicken breast....

The other blue girl didn't get into it to much yesterday.. she only licked the chicken a couple times, never ate anything... but she'll figure it out...

They LOVED it though.. by the time I took up what they didn't eaten they were growling at eachother and trying to steal the chicken from eachother... can't say I've ever had a reaction like that when I've weaned them to kibble!!... The puppies really dug into it more than I expected for their first meal, especially the little runt, she was the first one to really tear into the meat LOL Paris and Kelsey have done good with it so far as well...

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