Kelsey's Pups - 2wks old

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Kelsey's Pups - 2wks old

Post  Spiritwind82 on Mon Jun 23, 2008 9:52 pm

Well the pups are 2 wks old today.. eyes are just starting to open, the smooth tri girl is the one farthest along with the opening of the eyes... but they are already starting to show some cute personalities... I've heard acouple of them try to bark a couple times now, and I've heard some of them growl at eachother... its pretty freakin cute!! I am now 100% positive their is only 1 rough.. so both blues are smooth... the smooths have very short slick coats right now.. where as the only rough has a more plush coat...

Anyway... here pictures of them, taken today...

Smooth Tri Boy - eyes aren't even really open but I caught him sitting up in mid yawn!

Smooth Tri Boy


Rough Tri Boy sound asleep..

Rough Boy


Smooth Blue Boy # 1


Smooth Blue Boy # 2


Smooth Tri Girl - eyes just barely open


And one more picture I got of smooth blue boy #1....

It looks like he is standing up... he isn' not old enough to be up like that yet, he is laying across his brothers back, well trying to crawl across ... but I thought it was a good picture to show his coloring..

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